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A Hole Comments

Anti-Election Campaign Campaign

Anti-Election Campaign Campaign

Friday 1 July, 2016
A Hole believes that the main problem with election campaigns is that they don’t encourage you to vote for anybody.
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Politics really worries me. Here we are at another election campaign where no candidate from any party is immune from being called awful names like liar, reprehensible ratbag or low-rent leftie. The whole of the Coalition we learn are enemies of the working class and the whole of the Labor Party are economic vandals.

Even if Malcolm had been the most gifted Prime Minister in Australian history it wouldn’t be enough to deter the Labor Party from portraying him as a manic menace to Medicare. And even if Bill is in fact an inspirational social architect putting people first even when they don’t belong to a union this is unlikely to prevent the Coalition labelling him a CFMEU lickspittle.

However the proposition that one side of politics is all-good and the other all-bad is as absurd as claiming that Trump is a natural disaster while Hillary is as pure as the driven snow.

The truth is there are good politicians and bad politicians but it’s difficult to tell which is which when they belong to a political party.

I always make a point during every election campaign not to believe anything any politician tells me nor anybody on the ABC or talk-back radio.

We’ve currently got Bill insisting that Malcolm plans to put the health of all Australians at risk by flogging Medicare and Malcolm insisting that Bill plans to put the sanity and sanctity of the Labor Party at risk by forging another alliance with the Greens.

Surely neither of them can be serious. Malcolm may have his shortcomings as a politician but surely he should be credited with enough sense to realise it would be political suicide if people were obliged to pay as much for hospital treatment as they do to park their car there.

There is some debate however about whether a second alliance with the Greens would prejudice the sanity and sanctity of the Labor Party beyond the devastation already caused by the first.

Kevin, Julia and Tony weren’t all bad or all good although Kevin came close.

They all spent the vast majority of their time slagging off other politicians only to express astonishment at the revelation that politicians are held in such low esteem.

My advice for this election is vote for the politician you favoured before the campaign started because everything subsequent to that is only likely to confuse you. People who make their decision based on stuff they’ve heard during the campaign are a key reason why we never get the politicians we deserve.


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