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Austerity For All To Share

Austerity For All To Share

Friday 9 October, 2015
Pudding Club members discuss the theory that left-wing leaders build support for campaigns to end austerity by first introducing economic policies that place as many people in it as possible.
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Lord Noes, General Alarm and Sir Rah Sera lunched more than adequately at the Club last week on Tournedos Rossini exquisitely matched with a truly memorable 2009 Gevrey-Chambertin.

“I say“ said His Lordship “how can that cove Corbyn claim to truly love this country when he’s been having an affair with Russia for so long?”

“The fellow’s an absolute tosser” said the General “how the hell does he think that encouraging Syrian refugees to come here is going to help overcome austerity when they don’t receive a living-away-from-home allowance from Assad?”

“I don’t know whether it’s just me” said Sir Rah “but since Corbyn’s materialised I’ve started to see relative merit in the loony left policies espoused by Miliband. It’s very disorientating”

“The delusionals who voted for Corbyn as Labour leader” said His Lordship “believe he can deliver them from austerity. Well they’re right, he’d reduce them to abject poverty in no time”

“I’ll bet you” said the General “that the 150,000 who voted for Corbyn were all propelled to this country by the EU social engineering department. And now we’re faced with the prospect of hordes of Syrians flooding in who will all vote for Corbyn as well because he’s the only politician prepared to treat them like tourists”

“If I understand him correctly” said Sir Rah “Corbyn wants to forsake the EU for Russia, scrap our nuclear deterrent so Putin’s no longer deterred, disband the armed services apart from sending a couple of regiments to fight alongside the rebels in Eastern Ukraine and build a new Damascus in England’s green and pleasant land which Putin will help him protect against insurgents like Nigel Farage”

“On balance” asserted the General “I’d settle for austerity any day. I’m afraid we’ll no longer be masters of our own destiny because we’ll be unable to afford mistresses”

“I wonder if there’s a chance anyone sensible would vote for Corbyn at a general election?” ruminated His Lordship

“Of course not” responded Sir Rah “Corbyn’s aim is to create a kinder, gentler government that will screw business and the rich to the point where austerity is within reach for us all with the exception of business and the rich who will be paying fifteen percent tax in Hong Kong”


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Located on the fashionable side of Pall Mall the Club is famous for counting some of the UK’s greatest political intellects among its members. Lord Noes, General Alarm and Sir Rah Sera convene there regularly to create the brilliant insights which David relies on so much to keep the ship of state on course.

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