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Belinda – The Great Equaliser

Belinda – The Great Equaliser

Friday 1 April, 2016
I’ve always thought it odd that men direct operations at hotels when excellence in room presentation, housekeeping and cleaning up after guests requires a woman’s touch.
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I’ve always thought it odd that men direct operations at hotels when excellence in room presentation, housekeeping and cleaning up after guests requires a woman’s touch.

It was encouraging therefore to discover that the General Manager of the stunning Sebel Kirkton Park Hotel in the Hunter Valley was a disarming dynamo called Belinda Paterson. It was also encouraging to discover how she got there.

Belinda fell in love with the hospitality business while temping in London. It seemed to her like an irresistible roller coaster ride that paused only to allow guests to get on and off.

She returned home to gain a Diploma from the Blue Mountains School of Hotel Management and decided to have a shot at making it on the biggest roller coaster ride of all, the hotel industry in America.

She joined the iconic Marriott organisation and went on a whirlwind catering, front office, back office, housekeeping, promotions, conferences and sundry dirty jobs tour right round the country. On one occasion she worked ninety days straight but still found time amongst it all to complete a degree in hotel management from Cornell University.

When a category three hurricane hit the hotel where she was working in Fort Lauderdale Belinda ensured it was the service that blew guests away. When a burst waterpipe drenched guests in a hotel reception area she made sure it didn’t put a dampener on their stay. She learned negotiating skills that could handle the most disaffected of American guests perhaps even capable of tempering the tantrums of a Trump locked in a toilet.

It was however a tough road to the top. Marriott was a customary male management domain and none of their hotels had glass ceilings. Belinda said the secret of her success was ‘always putting her hand up’.

At thirty she was promoted to General Manager of a Marriott Hotel in Columbus Ohio. Upon taking up the position she discovered that standards had slipped to the point where the property was in danger of losing its Marriott brand status. In other words it was a big dipper rather than a roller coaster.

Within six months Belinda restored it to full Marriott operational standards.

Marriott were so impressed they quickly promoted her to become General Manager of one of their premier hotels, the three hundred and fifteen room property in Atlanta Georgia. This was an astounding achievement, like getting coached at the Blue Mountains Baseball Academy and six years later making the Yankees starting line-up.

Belinda’s career prospered in Atlanta but after two and a half years she decided it was time to come home and is now revelling in her role at the Sebel where she is demonstrating that good taste in the Hunter is not exclusive to wine.

She is now an enthusiastic champion for the Accor Group’s plan for fifty percent of their hotel general managers to be female by 2020.

While quotas and targets play an important role in promoting gender equality in the workplace I believe inspiring achievers like Belinda are the catalysts that will actually make it happen.

Roger Pugh


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Roger believes that it’s only when people start to see the funny side that they get a balanced perspective on politics. His unique style of irreverent humour reveals that politics is even funnier than people give it credit for. He is particularly pleased that his writing for Friday Mash has been selected for the Australian National Archive because this not only lends authenticity to the humour but it also marks quite an achievement for a Pom.

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