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“Brit-In” – Why Britain should remain in the EU

“Brit-In” – Why Britain should remain in the EU

Friday 24 June, 2016
If Britain wants to break free from the EU at a time of maximal fiduciary power, then that is the primary reason why it must stay, and lead.
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Those of us who live and love outside the stifling mantle of oppressive and dictatorial governments should realise the importance of the essential freedoms that being in the European Union bloc of member countries represents. What is at stake with the “Brexit” (Britain voting to leave the European Union) is more than the fate of a country’s future economic wellbeing. Britain’s economy was stagnant when it joined the then-European Economic Community in 1973, needing membership of the club that helped it to thrive. Now Britain’s economy is outperforming most of its members, and abandoning them to their fate could hinder its future prospects. But that is not the point.

The danger lies in weakening the integration of a continent that through its size and determination upholds the core values that much of the rest of the world is missing. To share with 500 million others a fundamental commitment to equal justice, the rule of law and political accountability, is to no longer be forced to shout in the dark, but to feel a kinship of strength and empowerment on a scale that deserves nurturing. We have struggled for rights over the last 150 years as women, children, and animals, employers and employees, conscientious objectors, the religious, the handicapped and the persecuted, gays and the ethnically diverse – with unstinting bravery and perseverance among much personal sacrifice and suffering. And this much longed-for charter for humanity depends, for its continued implementation, on an articulate critical mass that is the EU.


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