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Bronnie – Is She Totally Spent?

Bronnie – Is She Totally Spent?

Friday 14 August, 2015
Roger Pugh questions whether Bronnie’s removal from the Speaker’s Chair will produce a drop in the rate of suspensions from the chamber or whether she will launch a campaign from the backbench to ensure the rate is sustained.
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The Roger Pugh Perspective

The Australian transportation industry has suffered a devastating blow to its profitability now that Bronnie’s access to the Speaker’s travel budget has been terminated.

Gone are the carefree days when Bronnie soared above us to fundraisers and now all we’re left with is the unedifying spectacle of Malcolm boasting about travelling by bus.

Should we really expect a geriatric Speaker to cycle or travel by bus? Or even spend fifty minutes enduring the aesthetic abominations along the Melbourne to Geelong highway?

Bronnie’s incredible dedication in suspending Labor MPs over four hundred times will live on in the political folklore of the nation far longer than a mere $5227 helicopter charter. In fact by comparison with Tony Burke’s flights of business class fantasy Bronnie’s air travels have already been downgraded to economy class.

Incredibly she never suspended Clive yet he threatened her with a censure motion. Inside sources believe this could have been a retaliatory gesture following Bronnie’s negative response to approaches about replacing Jacqui in PUP.

Andrew Wilkie, the rather gloomy member from Tasmania, also threatened to have Bronnie censured. He badly needs to reassess his interaction strategy with women. Julia ratted on him over problem gambling when she refused to accept that the counter measures he proposed should apply to voting Labor.

Bronnie campaigned selflessly to raise the standard of debate and decorum in parliament. She never chucked out Bill Shorten despite extreme provocation and never gave other female members any hope of aspiring to her own record of thirty-odd suspensions.

It will be intriguing to see how Tony Smith fares in controlling parliamentary business. Peter Slipper and Bronnie will be hard acts to follow. Commentators have serious doubts whether parliament will accept a late start to question time when Tony misses his bus or whether in the event of their rate of suspensions being sustained Labor members will accept being switched to a part-time pay award.

It is reassuring that for the time being at least Bronnie will not be lost to public life. No doubt she will still keep most parliamentary members in suspense over whether Tony Smith will be doing the same to her.

In years to come when helicopters are accepted as the preferred mode of travel for all politicians going to fundraisers Bronnie could well rank alongside Amelia Earhart as an air travel trailblazer.


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Roger Pugh who has written most of the articles on Friday Mash occasionally publishes one under his own name for the reassurance that Abbattman or Jacqui’s Think Tank haven’t yet completely taken him over. His aim to convince those who are disillusioned with politics that it is a worthwhile activity if only for its entertainment value. He believes that politics could become really popular if politicians would only understood how funny they are and gave up trying to be so serious about everything.

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