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It Can’t Be Love

It Can’t Be Love

Friday 24 April, 2015
Bo and Big O are in two minds about whether to support Hillary’s campaign for the Democratic nomination and they obviously not enough.
The story starts here...

Yap No. 98

Barack Obama and his best bud Bo

“I see Hillary’s thrown her hat into the ring” I said

Big O and I were in the middle of one of our weekly review sessions.

“She’s never really taken it out” said Big O “even though I stamped all over it when I knocked her off for the nomination”

“Do you think Joe will run against her?” I asked

“No” said Big O “I think that he’s realised that the country can’t afford to have another gaffe-prone specialist for president after me”

“Will you be supporting her campaign?” I asked

“Good question” replied Big O “the trouble is she’ll have no chance if I give her my unqualified support and if I don’t give her any people will get the impression I regard her as a douchebag Democratic”

“Well what do you really think of her?” I asked

“Well apart from being a douchebag Democrat” replied Big O “her main achievement as First Lady was saving her marriage and introducing a new code of conduct for White House interns”

“Pretty impressive” I commented

“As a candidate for the Democratic nomination against me however” said Big O “she made the cardinal error of claiming I was merely a community organiser totally devoid of the great gifts needed to be president”

“That was an outrageous claim” I said “considering that at the very most you only lacked half of them. What were her main achievements as Secretary of State?”

“She was undoubtedly instrumental in putting Benghazi back on the map” replied Big O “and she misspoke a few times but nothing like as embarrassingly as Joe”

“Aren’t a lot of people fed up with her?” I asked

“Not as many as you’d expect” replied Big O “I seem to be in the minority”

“Isn’t the real trouble with Hillary” I asked “that she isn’t likeable. In fact I remember a senior member of your staff saying that he was surprised I didn’t take a greater interest in her because she’s such a bitch”

“I hope he wasn’t quoting me” responded Big O

“What you think” I asked ‘she could hope to achieve as President?”

“She could save this country from the biggest menace since the Cuban missile crisis” replied Big O

“Do you mean she could terminate the threat of terrorism?” I asked

“No” replied Big O “she’d prevent another Bush from becoming President”

“Well” I said “are you planning to give any support to her bid for the Democratic nomination?”

“Absolutely” replied Big O “I’m planning to send you along to dog her campaign”

“I’ve just had a thought” I said “if Hillary makes the White House and Bill is still around that would result in two Presidents married to each other. Isn’t that incest or something?”


About this Series
Bo is the first canine to achieve a Senior Adviser position with a US President. He is responsible for many of the leading dogtrines of the Obama administration, is a leading expert on animal welfare and is adept at dealing with people who are absolutely barking. He is currently working on Obamacare for pets and has been selected to attend the next G20 meeting to pee over Putin’s shoe. Without Bo at his side Obama wouldn’t stand a dog’s chance.

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