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Carbon Copies

Carbon Copies

Friday 30 October, 2015
Australia’s leading from behind social commentator forecasts that action on Climate Change stands no more chance of producing a miracle than any of the other religions.
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There’s little doubt that Climate Change generates more religious fervour than the Catholic Church. It certainly has more Popes, infinitely more disciples and sceptics utter heresies at peril of facing an Inquisition on the ABC. The trouble is however it costs a lot more. The price of electricity goes up considerably more than you can save by leaving church before they pass the plate round.

I’ve been pummelled by Tim Flannery, the Greens and the climate scientists into believing that something is happening climate-wise but for the life of me I can’t work out exactly what.

The earth hasn’t warmed for eighteen years, I’m unable to discern any difference in sea levels and the past winter was the coldest I’ve experienced for yonks. Yet whenever a bushfire or cyclone breaks out the Climate Change crowd start sermonising about the ravages of global warming.

I have no problems appreciating the benefits of renewable energy both from an environmental and security perspective. I am definitely onside for a cleaner less toxic environment.

It’s the doomsday stuff from people like Al Gore and Sarah Hanson Young that makes me think I could spend my time more productively listening to sermons in church. They are simply not the authorities I would choose to consult about future lifestyle directions.

Having been more or less convinced that Climate Change is the biggest moral challenge of our time is it really too much to ask that some sensible, rational person who isn’t a Green zealot, a politician, an ABC alarmist, an incomprehensible professor or a carbon con-artist should explain, in terms that even chronic cynics like me can grasp, the exact nature of the dangers we face, when are they likely to happen, what do we have to do to prevent them and how much will it cost?

I am sick and tired of environmental evangelists whom I instinctively distrust raving on about what contemptible carbon-emitters people like me are while China goes on merrily increasing its emissions till 2030.

Perhaps the Climate Change Synod in Paris will assuage my concerns but I’m not holding my breath. I’m resigned to persistent hectoring, badgering and haranguing from religious climate fanatics who are bent on making my life more expensive and inconvenient in order to prevent some hideous apocalypse which currently shows no more signs of happening than the Second Coming promised by all those other religions.


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