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Carbon Emissions

Carbon Emissions on 3rd April 2015

Carbon Emissions on 3rd April 2015

Friday 3 April, 2015
If you can’t bear the thought of not getting the poles and wires back for 99 years you can always apply to Mike Baird to lease a few for yourself
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Carbon Emissions from FridayMash

Not Wired

The problem with Labor’s campaign in the NSW Election was a tendency to be more poley than Foley.

Lease said the better

If you can’t bear the thought of not getting the poles and wires back for 99 years you can always apply to Mike to lease a few for yourself.

Environmental degradation

The Coalition’s success in deFoleyating NSW has left the state Baird.

Not Gospel

Anyone expecting Luke Foley to rise again at Easter should reflect on his inability to produce a miracle in the NSW Election.

Partin’ with Martin

What Labor seems incapable of grasping is that if Martin Ferguson was leading the party instead of Bill Shorten it would be in an immeasurably stronger position.

No spilling from the Cup

Tony is yet to receive due credit for the World Cup win. If Australia had lost he would have been forced into a play-off against Malcolm.


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These are the only carbon emissions created in Australia that are actually worth $24 a tonne.

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