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Carbon Emissions

Carbon Emissions on Friday 10th July 2015

Carbon Emissions on Friday 10th July 2015

Friday 10 July, 2015
Euro-free zone: Melbourne is now the only example of a successful Greek economy.
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Carbon Emissions on FridayMash leading political satire and humour

Baleful outlook

The choice for Greece is clear, bailout or bale out.

Unhappy hour

Tony is obviously concerned that gay marriage would adversely affect business prospects for gay singles bars.

Unlucky last

Would the last person to leave Greece please remember to switch off the flow of bailout money.

No kidding

Gay marriage would be an effective way of creating more free childcare centres.

Euro-free zone

Melbourne is now the only example of a successful Greek economy.

It’s the EU’s fault

Greece has raised the status of victimhood to a national level.


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These are the only carbon emissions created in Australia that are actually worth $24 a tonne.

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