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Ravings of a Ratbag

The Challenge of Making Politics Useful

The Challenge of Making Politics Useful

Friday 28 November, 2014
Luce Scruz, Friday Mash’s international editor at large, reflects on the G20 and in particular how it stacks up internationally with the Climate Change Conference.
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I was absolutely fascinated by expert opinions that this latest G20 could actually result in member countries doing something useful.

Normally G20 leaders get together for a couple of days for a stimulating chat and then go back to their failing economies relieved that they’re not being forced to deliver anything as extreme as a budget surplus.

This time however it seemed different. They agreed on a specific growth target thereby exposing themselves to the grave risk of being held accountable.

Things in international affairs however routinely defy human comprehension and in this case Obama is the complicating factor. He’s a lame duck President who hasn’t got a hope of halting the US economy’s inexorable descent down the plumbing so he’s suddenly found climate change. Whilst he’s got minimal chance of ushering in drastic action like an ETS he’s aware of the potential to encourage loud cheering from the left.

Rabid greenies like Al Gore and Christine Milne were even moved to urge the G20 to make a last minute switch to a climate change conference.

In response I’m confidently expecting Tony Abbott to call for the Climate Change Conference to be switched to a G20 economic summit.

We’re seeing the start of an exciting realignment in international politics. The boring old banalities of left versus right will be replaced by the refreshing rhetoric of carbon emissions minimisers versus maximisers.

Those who believe the world can only be saved by a 50% decrease in carbon emissions will engage in pulsating political combat with the true believers in a 2.1% incremental increase in the global economy.

I can’t help feeling however that anyone who believes the climate change conference in Paris next year can suddenly save the world without destroying its economy must be a graduate of the Al Gore Institute of Convenient Truths.

Conversely anyone who believes the G20 Summit in Sydney can lead to a 2.2% incremental increase in the global economy without increasing carbon emissions must also be relying on the theory that pot-smoking doesn’t affect brain function.

I really believe however these developments offer genuine hope that politics could become relevant again.


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