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Christmas Messages of Goodwill for Tony

Christmas Messages of Goodwill for Tony

Friday 19 December, 2014
Many leading figures have chosen to send seasonal greetings to Tony through the pages of Friday Mash.
The story starts here...

From George Pell – Sorry I can’t be with you this Christmas but I had to get out of
In the Vatican the country before your Royal Commission into child abuse caught up with me again.

Julie Bishop – A very happy Christmas. Sorry I’m unable to deliver the message personally but Peta has barred me from seeing you until 2015.

Bill Shorten – Merry Christmas. Please let me know where I can send you a card next year because it obviously won’t be the Lodge.

Jacquie Lambie – Seasons greetings. If you agree to talk about the armed forces pay increase I’m ready to dish the dirt on Clive

Vladimir Putin – Merry Christmas from Moscow. I don’t know how you can live in that crazy country where the vodka tastes like rat’s piss and the people think I spend all my time firing rocket-launchers in Eastern Ukraine.

Sarah Hanson Young – I wish you a Manus Island Christmas and a Nauru New Year.

Clive Palmer – Have a makeover Christmas and remember the only thing that can save your government is appointing me Minister of Mining.

Joe Hockey – My best wishes for Christmas. Sorry I won’t be able to do my usual turn at your Christmas Party but I find it impossible to reconcile the roles of Treasurer and Father Christmas.

Mark Scott – On behalf of Tony Jones, Emma Alberici, Leigh Sales and myself a very cordial Christmas and we promise to give you fair and balanced overage next year in the spirit of your promise not to cut our funding.

Bronwyn Bishop – Merry Christmas son.


About this Series
Roger believes that it’s only when people start to see the funny side that they get a balanced perspective on politics. His unique style of irreverent humour reveals that politics is even funnier than people give it credit for. He is particularly pleased that his writing for Friday Mash has been selected for the Australian National Archive because this not only lends authenticity to the humour but it also marks quite an achievement for a Pom.

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