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Could Australia be Trumped?

Could Australia be Trumped?

Friday 11 March, 2016
A Hole, without being too anal, analyses whether Australia could ever experience a train-wreck like Trump.
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According to research reports Trump has happened because Americans have lost all faith in politicians. They are so fed up with all the broken promises and personal arse protection that Trump is viewed as a combination between the cavalry, the Second Coming and Captain America.

The question is will Australian politicians ever rank as consistently high as their US counterparts in Peanut of the Week Polling and could it lead to someone like Gina Rinehart or James Packer ever becoming Prime Minister?

It’s true Kevin’s promises of an ETS, a mining tax, Grocerywatch, Fuelwatch and Pink Batts weren’t delivered but that was arguably a great relief to everyone.

Admittedly he did say ‘sorry’ but that was only to the Aborigines.

Julia was hardly more successful at building public support for politicians. She didn’t promise a carbon tax but wasn’t prepared to let a small detail like that stand in her way of becoming PM. Her promise to start Australia ‘moving forwards’ was hardly fulfilled by handing the Lodge back to Kevin.

Tony promised to can the carbon tax, stop the boats and finalise the FTAs and he delivered on all three but everyone seemed so conditioned to political promises being broken that they were unable to adjust to the new reality of them being kept and so shit-canned him just as much as Kevin and Julia.

Malcolm didn’t promise much at all and so far he’s almost managed to deliver almost all of it. Most of the promises about what Malcolm’s government is going to do have come from the Labor Party. Given that they never deliver on any of the promises they make it’s unfair to blame Malcolm for following suit.

After all this disillusionment and the threat of Bill Shorten to come could a Trump-like candidate for PM restore hope to the Australian people?

On balance probably not because it’s difficult to see where he could make a breakthrough contribution. It’s most unlikely he could be any ruder or more abusive than Sarah Hanson Young, any more politically incorrect than the Catholic Church and at this point there doesn’t seem any need to replace Operation Sovereign Borders with a wall.


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