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The donkey brays for thee: Why we still don’t care about politics

The donkey brays for thee: Why we still don’t care about politics

Friday 10 March, 2017
A recent study has proven that, as a nation, we're not becoming smarter regarding politics, we, in fact, care less.
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A recent study has proven that, as a nation, we’re not becoming smarter regarding politics, we, in fact, care less.

Here’s an awkward spanner to throw into the well-oiled machinery of political discourse.

We know absolutely nothing.

It’s not that we’re unsure of what our point is, it is that we have no point to make.

You could argue that we have no opinion, and we should push the political system into the sea, because the majority of us don’t give a shit.


Source: Essential Report


Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 5.37.28 pm

Source: Essential Report

The above made me fall off my perch in shocked disbelief. The majority of those polled have no idea nor interest in the future of this country. As a member of the casually “woke” public, I find this hard to believe. And while I haven’t gone two-pieces-of-nutty-fruitcake mental re: politics, I seemingly know enough about things to at least have a voice with which to comment on stuff.

I thought the argument was getting louder with me, but I was wrong. I thought, at the very least, if we weren’t listening to each other, we were at least listening to what we were saying. But the volume of the above statistics has washed away the last fragments of my assumption; it’s not that we think that we might not know the answer to our leadership problems, it’s more that we don’t care what it is.

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I remember, my pop, a man who probably best personifies this Australian inter-generational truism, always used to say: “politicians are useless, they know nothing”; “they’re both the same as each other”, “why bother”, etc.

My pop is currently 83. Most of us are not. So, why do we still feel this way?

I suppose the non-Indigenous history of our nation is one of rebellion and sticking it to the man – in all his forms – for sending us here in chains. But, those who were most inconvenienced by this miscarriage of justice, which saw them ferried to the far side of the globe, have been dead for the better part of our history. At least. They have a right to hold a grudge. We, do not.

I assumed that by know we’d be wise enough to realise that while politics is not fun, and ultimately unsatisfying, it is important. Deciding to vote for the lols (or not voting at all) is, frankly, juvenile – as is hightailing it from the options given by well-meaning people holding clipboards who dare interrupt the importance of your day to ask you something about the governance and future of this country. Oh no.

For the record, I entirely subscribe to the political theory espoused by the lads from South Park; that every election is a toss-up between a turd sandwich and a giant douche – but, when you hold no opinion on either, you take the form of both.



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