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Falling Off The Cycle

Falling Off The Cycle

Friday 9 December, 2016
Australia’s leading social commentator A Hole puts the rise of Trump into context and speculates that it is only a matter of time before Australia opts for a similar dose of self-flagellation.
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I’m astounded that so many people see Trump’s emergence as inconsistent with the normal electoral cycle when he’s actually just another turn on the old political swings and roundabouts.

When left wing parties win government they immediately initiate a series of sweeping social reforms and paybacks to their mates in the union movement without having the slightest clue how they’re going to pay for any of them.

When right wing parties win power their first priority is cleaning up the financial mess created by their left wing predecessors and terminating as much of their social reforms as they possibly can.

This delicate political balance has served Australia well for many years. Fraser cleaned up after Gough, Kennett cleaned up after Cain and Kirner, Howard cleaned up after Keating and O’Farrell and Baird have cleaned up NSW after the havoc wreaked by the power broking of Obeid and Tripodi.

The trouble is however this delicate political balance has fallen off the rails of late both in Australia and the US.

Kevin was a trifle over-zealous in his resolve to protect the Australian economy from the GFC. Julia followed that up with lavish plans for the Greens, Gonski and covered outside learning areas (COLAs) which were expensive enough to cause distress even to the German economy let alone Australia’s. These were major factors in creating a national debt so onerous that succeeding governments under Tony and Malcolm were not able to fulfil their vital balancing function of retiring it especially with the Labor Party doing all it could to preserve their proud debt legacy.

In the US Obama has pursued food stamps and Obamacare so relentlessly that the national debt has reached $20 trillion and counting. It has become apparent to US voters that only the anti-social, anti-progressive and antiquated policies of an irresistible force like Trump can possibly get the economy back on track.

It has become bleedin’ obvious to leading commentators like myself that only something as draconian as a Trump has the power to sweep away the independents in the Senate and allow Australia to take the measures necessary to prevent the inevitable slide towards a Triple Z credit rating.

We can only hope and pray it won’t have to be anything quite as drastic as a new party led by Tony, Cory Bernardi and Pauline.


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As one of Australia’s leading social commentators A Hole is always conscious of the need to avoid making an arse of himself. His commentaries are frequently compared to the material on the walls of public toilets although they don’t remain in the public consciousness anything like as long.

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