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Humble Pie Is Better than No Pie At All

Humble Pie Is Better than No Pie At All

Friday 3 June, 2016
Friday Mash’s distinguished EU correspondent Hugo Morthanigo reports on attitudes across Europe to a possible Brexit and finds surprisingly little enthusiasm for it.
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Franglais by Hugo Morethanigo on Friday Mash

Having spoken at length recently with Hollande and Merkel about the prospect of the UK leaving the EU I’m increasingly of the view that if it happens Brussels would automatically go into voluntary administration.

The German and UK economies are not the number one and two in the EU by accident. They are both managed more or less on a non-loony- left-wing basis.

The rest of the EU economies seem determined to wrench leadership in banana republicanism away from South America.

France seems on the verge of another Revolution over changes to labour laws.

The ensuing chaos could see Marie Le Pen taking charge and Putin sending in peace-keeping forces to protect French workers from a fascist dictatorship.

Italy has come to terms with being a country full of rich people which is chronically affected by austerity. The joint has a huge debt that nobody seems to care about any more. They’ve tried collecting taxes but just couldn’t seem to make it work.

Spain has become a country like Italy and Greece with an anti-austerity party.

I am vainly trying to understand the policies of this new political movement.

They can’t terminate austerity by laying their hands on money within their own country because there isn’t any. So they must feel they should be allowed to lay their hands on the money of someone who has been more prudent at managing it than they have.

If by chance someone is persuaded to finance a country out of austerity the worry is there seems no guarantee in the financial policies of the anti-austerity parties that they’re so desperate to avoid austerity that they’ll even resort to prudent economic management.

So if the UK left the EU all that would be left is Germany, countries on the verge of demanding a bailout and countries desperate for cash to fund an influx of refugees.

The world simply doesn’t have the resources to bail out the whole of the EU and on the contrary if Bernie Sanders becomes US President leading to the inevitable rise of a US anti-austerity party will be demands that the EU helps restore US prosperity by funding the launch of more global fast-food chains Switzerland is a prime example of what can be achieved without the handicap of Brussels and bailouts but hopefully the UK hasn’t noticed.

It seems worthwhile for the EU to eat humble pie to keep the UK in the club even if it tastes no better than their pork pie and toad-in- the-hole.


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Hugo is the doyen of EU political commentators who took Berlusconi to his first bunga bunga party and advised Francois Hollande that with his taste in women he should never get married. His special understanding of EU financial policies is the blessing bestowed by going bankrupt a few times.

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