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Is Politics on its Last Legs?

Is Politics on its Last Legs?

Friday 21 August, 2015
A Hole, who is at the rear of social commentary in Australia, discusses whether politics can survive disasters like Donald Trump and Clive Palmer.
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The emergence of Donald Trump, Clive Palmer, Nigel Farage, Silvio Berlusconi and Jeremy Corbyn could be an indication that we are facing the end of politics as we know it.

These days anyone standing for political office who is not the usual politician has an unfair advantage.

The term politician has become a perjorative. Decades of broken promises, expense scandals and vote-rigging have taken their toll. Redeeming features like political sex scandals seem to have gone out of fashion.

As Trump recently pointed out to telling effect politicians are debaters while anti-politicians like him are doers. This bestows the obvious advantage that you don’t have to debate whether Mexicans and politicians are undesirables you can simply state what’s anti-politically correct.

The only time in living memory when the Greek economy made any sort of sense was when it was run by the unlovely anti-political Colonels who were the only Greek government in recent times not to be motivated by the political imperative to get re-elected by throwing around unaffordable entitlements.

Greece has a tradition of being in the vanguard of democracy. So logically the economic situation there awaits us all if we continually vote for the political parties who offer the highest entitlements in election auctions.

Berlusconi didn’t work out however because the electorate eventually sussed that he was in power to boost his own entitlements to the detriment of everyone else’s.

There are serious doubts in the UK about whether Nigel Farage and Jeremy Corbyn are genuine anti-politicians. Speculation is growing that Jeremy could be a sleeper agent whom the KGB forgot about until recently and Nigel just doesn’t give a continental.

Trump is so anti-political that he’s arguably too extreme even for people who detest politics. Even they might baulk at the prospect of a President who criticises women for menstruating and possibly men for womenstruating.

Nevertheless scientists are becoming increasingly convinced that political change is the best way to tackle climate change because it could cause everyone to chill out. In the current political climate just one Bronnie helicopter flight can raise the temperature much more dramatically than decades of carbon emissions.

Hopefully the anti-political movement will not result in anomalies as extreme as a carbon neutral economy. Whilst it is true that any economic policy promoted by the Greens is inevitably anti-political there is a danger that something so radically pro-brainless might even make us yearn for the days of Joe Hockey and Wayne Swan.


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