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Je ne suis pas Fred Nile

Je ne suis pas Fred Nile

Friday 23 January, 2015
‘I hear they’re calling Mike Baird the Son of Bambi’ ‘Luke Foley’s more like the Son of Lambie’
The story starts here...

You decide on the great issues facing the nation

Who do you think will make a major political comeback in 2015?
Kevin but hopefully in Lapland
The First Bloke to prove that he’s capable of running the country without Julia
Eddie Obeid but only at the ICAC
Mark Latham to exploit the fact that insanity in politics has become fashionable
– Julia to prove that she’s capable of running the country without Rob Oakeshott

Heard down the NSW corridors of power

‘Do you have any concerns about Luke Foley driving Labor’s election campaign?’
‘Only if there’s a chance of him being breath-tested’

Conniving with Clive

Jacqui has confirmed she won’t be campaigning in Queensland on behalf of the PUP. She is reported as saying she’d be more comfortable campaigning on behalf of a mentally handicapped mongoose than Clive and anyway people in Queensland dismiss her as a thinking man’s Pauline Hanson.

Heard down the Victorian corridors of power

‘It’s interesting that Daniel Andrews hasn’t complained about the budget surplus that the Coalition left behind’
‘That won’t stop the Coalition complaining about the debt that he’ll leave behind’

Green and Bear It

The Greens policy in relation to terrorism seems to be ‘ignore it and it will go away’. It would save them a hell of a lot of time and energy if they applied it to Tony Abbott.

Heard down the Queensland corridors of power

‘John Bjelke-Petersen doesn’t know where the funding for the PUP campaign in Queensland is coming from’
‘I doubt whether even where it’s coming from knows where it’s coming from’

I want to be absolutely clear about this

Will the budget Joe brings down next May be a revamp of the 2014 budget which will be readily rejected by the Senate or will it comprise a totally new set of proposals which the Senate will have to study carefully before rejecting them?

Heard down the NSW corridors of power

‘I hear they’re calling Mike Baird the Son of Bambi’
‘Luke Foley’s more like the Son of Lambie’


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