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The Malcolm and Bill Show

The Malcolm and Bill Show

Friday 27 May, 2016
Only 36 days left to decide which of these two great performers you want in the leading role in the biggest show in Australia for the next three years
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The Malcolm & Bill Show - Strictly Limited 55 days left

However much you watch the Malcolm and Bill Show it seems like you’re never going to reach a surplus.

That’s because Bill puts people before budgets especially if they’re members of a union.

He’s promising unlimited Gonski, a full-blown NDIS, huge childcare allowances especially for those looking after Coalition politicians and a get-out- of-jail- free card for the CFMEU paid for by bashing the banks, business and rich people like Malcolm who vote for the Coalition.

And what’s more he’s planning a number of significant new expenditures from which he can make all the savings required to finally pay off the legacy left by Kevin and Julia.

Malcolm is putting business first and believes that the uneducated, the disabled, the punch-drunk parents and the boss-bashers would find solace in a reduced deficit.

He believes he can stay on top of things by ensuring that he’s up the creek with a fleet of submarines when he’s in danger of going under.

The questions hovering around Malcolm however are whether he underwent a policy transplant operation on becoming PM, does he still believe in gay marriage, climate change and a Republic, is he still captive to Tony’s plonker policies or is he merely doing what Lucy tells him?

The Greens believe that Australia’s problems are caused by not taking in enough asylum seekers, a false assumption by the Coalition that the economy matters, the calumnious influence of the US and a failure to introduce a carbon tax of $100 a tonne. The Party is convinced that they’re going to make a major breakthrough two elections after the next and with any luck they’ll sustain that policy for at least the next five elections.

It seems inevitable that the daily talking points that Bill receives from the ACTU will soon to begin to focus more on the politics of envy placing great emphasis on the fact that Malcolm is actually richer than some of the unions.

The daily talking points that Malcolm receives from Tony and Lucy will be concentrating more on Bill’s inability to turn back the tide of support for people smugglers in his party which could lead to new waves of asylum seekers.


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