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Must Close 2nd July – The Bill & Malcolm Show

Must Close 2nd July – The Bill & Malcolm Show

Friday 10 June, 2016
Only 22 excruciating days left to try to spark some extra entertainment and interest and assign parliamentary seats in the stalls for the next three years.
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The Malcolm & Bill Show - Strictly Limited 55 days left

Everybody knows the election is all about who is better at managing the economy except perhaps Bill who is promising to bash the banks rather than the unions. It is fascinating to note that he has of late widened his economic policy to include bashing business as well inspired no doubt by the success of CFMEU strategies on building sites.

On the other hand Malcolm believes economic growth will flow from bashing superannuation because it will force geriatrics back into the workplace and help save billions through raising the retirement age above average life expectancy.

Bill’s spending promises are well above Malcolm’s in health, education and just about anything else you care to mention except business but he seems to favour the magic pudding method for revenue raising. So in effect he’s pursuing the financial model pioneered by Julia and Wayne Swan with the notable exception of promising a budget surplus and then cancelling it a few months later.

The programme of tax cuts for business espoused by Malcolm is an absolute anathema to Labor who regard business as nothing more than a job supply service industry for workers which should come under the control of the ACTU.

The Labor Party to its eternal embarrassment now supports Tony Abbott’s policies on turning back the boats, canning the carbon tax and free trade agreements but are yet to endorse the knighthood for Prince Philip and have definitely ruled out any chance of Peta Credlin or Bronnie ever becoming a Dame.

The only Labor policy that’s been adopted by Malcolm is the one that asserts it’s only other political parties that take illegal donations.

If the UK votes to Brexit on 23 rd June expect Malcolm to immediately bring forward a referendum on the Republic in case Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister and decides to try and convert the Commonwealth back into an Empire.

Meanwhile if the new Senate voting paper looks any clearer to you than the last one you should seriously consider a course of treatment for dyslexia.


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