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One Law For Some None For Others

One Law For Some None For Others

Friday 24 March, 2017
Sally McManus, the new Secretary of the ACTU, explains to Bill why she considers it a virtual impossibility for the CFMEU to break the law.
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Sally McManus, the new Secretary of the ACTU, explains to Bill why she considers it a virtual impossibility for the CFMEU to break the law.

 “Now look here Sally” said Bill “what exactly do you mean by claiming it’s ok to break unjust laws?”

“Well as a rule of thumb” replied Sally ‘it’s ok to break any law that the CFMEU considers to be unjust”

“So let’s see then” said Bill analytically “is it ok for bosses to break laws which they consider unjust and say fire people at will?”

“Of course not” replied Sally “because the CFMEU wouldn’t agree to it”

“What about me then” enquired Bill “is it ok for me to break any laws I consider unjust”

“Oh certainly” replied Sally “provided you remember to check with the CFMEU and me beforehand”

“But would I still get punished for breaking the law?” asked Bill

“Of course” replied Sally “but you would qualify for the CFMEU prisoner welfare benefits and your wife would get weekly visits from a shop steward while you were in the slammer”

“Now Ged” commented Bill to the ACTU President “please understand that Sally’s braindead theories could result in Labor having as much chance of winning the next election as South Australia has of keeping the lights on”

“Now come on Bill let’s be fair” said Ged “if the employers supported the CFMEU’s right to strike in defiance of the unjust laws forbidding them to do so then they’d get Sally’s unconditional support”

“That would only be just” commented Sally

“What do you think should happen to CFMEU members” asked Bill “who behave thuggishly and make sexist remarks on building sites?”

“Well obviously any law that prohibits CFMEU members or anyone else behaving thuggishly and making sexist remarks on building sites is palpably unjust and any union member who is prosecuted under it should receive a Union Hero Medal in the Bob Hawke Birthday Honours List” explained Sally “If Philip can get knighted for being part of an unjust Australian monarchy then it’s only just that the CFMEU should be appointed to the Supreme Court”

“Is there anything that the CFMEU could do” asked Bill “that in your opinion would justify them being prosecuted?”

“They should be severely reprimanded” replied Sally “if they ever overthrew a Labor government unless it was guilty of treating them unjustly”


About this Series
This series reveals the nature of the special relationship between the ACTU and Bill and in the event of him becoming Prime Minister how much power they’d be prepared to delegate to him.

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