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Over The Hillary

Over The Hillary

Friday 29 May, 2015
Bo pens his hundredth article for Friday Mash and so becomes the first canine correspondent ever to reach this milestone. It describes a discussion with Big O in which the president ponders his presidential legacy and whether he should leave it to Hillary.
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Barack Obama and his best bud Bo

Yap No. 100

“Tell me Bo” said Big O at our latest weekly review meeting “what do you think is my greatest achievement as President?”

“I think you’ll be remembered as the President” I replied “who gave men another eight years to prepare for the sexist shock of President Hillary

“That’s interesting” said Big O “I thought you would nominate the outs and ins of my Iraq policy or Obamacare

“If Hillary had secured the presidency eight years ago” I explained “Obamacare would have been Clintoncare and there would have been masculinist multitudes demonstrating outside the White House with masses of men burning their jockstraps”

“I suppose you’re right” said Big O ‘and furthermore I probably saved the country from unbecoming presidential punch-ups between Bill and Hillary over who should sit in the Oval Office”

“I think if Hillary moves into the White House in 2017” I said “Bill could have slowed down a bit by then giving rise to the possibility that there will actually be women in the White House with whom he hasn’t had sex”

“We have to consider the other possibility” said Big O “that Hillary might not get the gig. Jeb Bush could turn out to be the brains of the family”

“No chance” I said “if anyone in that family had had any brains they’d have done the patriotic thing and prevented George W from ever getting near the presidency”

“I’m worried” said Big O “that my presidential library could exhibit more disasters than achievements”

“That’s not going to happen” I said “During the presidential campaigns Benghazi will be sheeted home to Hillary, Fast and Furious has become a movie, the NSA is Snowden’s responsibility and the IRS was simply implementing my policy to tax Republicans at a higher rate because I realised Obamacare only had enough funding to cover Democrats”

“Do you think I should come out in unequivocal support of Hillary’s candidature?” asked Big O

“Absolutely” I said “you don’t want to be seen as beating around the Bush

“It’s a pity I can’t stay for a third term” said Big O “because I feel like I’m just getting my second wind”

“Relax” I said “the chances are it’s only a big hiccup like the first”


About this Series
Bo is the first canine to achieve a Senior Adviser position with a US President. He is responsible for many of the leading dogtrines of the Obama administration, is a leading expert on animal welfare and is adept at dealing with people who are absolutely barking. He is currently working on Obamacare for pets and has been selected to attend the next G20 meeting to pee over Putin’s shoe. Without Bo at his side Obama wouldn’t stand a dog’s chance.

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