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Queensland, Clive One Day Pauline The Next

Queensland, Clive One Day Pauline The Next

Friday 31 March, 2017
Pauline and James discuss One Nation’s electoral disaster in WA and the compelling reasons why the same campaign should be used in Queensland.
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Pauline and James discuss One Nation’s electoral disaster in WA and the compelling reasons why the same campaign should be used in Queensland.

“I’ve just reviewed our results in the WA election” announced James “and they’re an unmitigated disaster”

“What do you mean?” demanded Pauline “We actually won a few seats”

“But we started off the WA campaign with a shot at winning government” explained James “and we’ve ended up looking like a cross between the Motoring Enthusiasts Party and Palmer United”

“Well it was all Barnett’s fault” claimed Pauline “he failed to get enough primary votes to give us enough preferences”

“He’s claiming that he didn’t get enough primary votes” explained James “because he did a preference deal with you”

“He didn’t get the primary votes” asserted Pauline “because he failed to embrace One Nation as wholeheartedly as the unions embraced the Labor Party. As a result WA will now be run by a bunch of criminal commies from the CFMEU”

“That crap you spouted about vaccinations didn’t help” said James reprovingly “It was an injection of brainless badinage that didn’t prevent us getting the bum’s rush”

“It was a bit of a stuff-up” admitted Pauline “because I was under the impression that vaccinations were the latest designer drug”

“We’ve got to have a huge rethink before the Queensland election” warned James

“Look I think that would be a huge mistake” opined Pauline “You have to remember that Queensland is much more sophisticated politically than WA.  My sex appeal has a much greater impact here and Queenslanders are so much more intellectually attuned to my message on Muslim immigration”

“We had a problem with the quality of our candidates in WA” pointed out James

“I think you’ve got a point there” admitted Pauline “because I noticed a lack of appreciation of the nuances of our policy portfolio which is so apparent among the intellectual powerhouse represented by our candidates in Queensland”

“I trust you’re not even dreaming about exchanging preferences with the LNP or anyone else in Queensland” commented James

“I’d exchange preferences with Cory Bernardi if he’s putting up any candidates” confirmed Pauline “because he’s the only politician outside Queensland who understands what I’m talking about without the aid of an interpreter”

“Realistically what do you think our chances are in the Queensland election?” asked James

“Let me put it this way” responded Pauline “if the rest of Australia possessed the same brainpower as Queenslanders I’d have been Prime Minister years ago”





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