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Review Of General Affairs

Review Of General Affairs

Friday 31 March, 2017
Pudding Club members discuss the era post Article 50 and whether it would help for the General to follow in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia round the Middle East.
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Pudding Club members discuss the era post Article 50 and whether it would help for the General to follow in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia round the Middle East.

Lord Noes, General Alarm and Sir Rah Sera lunched at the Club last week on roast beef from the trolley and a Chateau Mouton Rothschild 2009 from the cellar.

“I say” said His Lordship “I understand Theresa is sending Article 50 to Brussels next week”

“Damned good show” remarked the General “then we can start the business of resurrecting the country at Easter”

“Let’s not kid ourselves” warned Sir Rah “divorce is a very expensive and risky path to tread and if we start being unfaithful to the EU with Trump they could end up gaining custody of Scotland”

“Those continental con-artists” asserted the General “should be damned grateful that they’ve enjoyed the benefits of our culture, commerce and cash contributions for so long and should recognise that from now on we have no further responsibility for bailing out Greece”

“I was surprised that Wilders didn’t come out on top in the Netherlands election” commented His Lordship

“That makes it even more crucial” asserted the General “for us to get behind that Le Pen woman in the French election because if she becomes President and pulls France out of the EU they’ll be transformed into Brexit supporters instead of being a perpetual pains-in-our-arse”

“It’s interesting to note your abiding fascination with French females” remarked His Lordship

“Actually” confided the General “I’m banking on both le Pen and my Parisian paramour reaching a triumphal climax on election day in France”

“I’m still in a state of absolute shock and disbelief” revealed Sir Rah “over that terrorist outrage at Westminster last week”

“I can’t understand the mindset of terrorists” remarked His Lordship “believing that they can establish a caliphate here when it’s obvious that they only work in hot climates”

“I’m expecting that when Trump comes here on a state visit” revealed the General “he and Theresa will invite me to lead an expeditionary force to clean up the ISIS mob in Iraq and Syria and become the modern version of Lawrence of Arabia”

“In that case in order to stay true to the legend” advised His Lordship “you should clean up the Turks as well and sign on for the RAF when you return”

“And then no doubt much to the consternation of your Parisian paramour” pointed out Sir Rah “you will also follow suit by going into camp”


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Located on the fashionable side of Pall Mall the Club is famous for counting some of the UK’s greatest political intellects among its members. Lord Noes, General Alarm and Sir Rah Sera convene there regularly to create the brilliant insights which David relies on so much to keep the ship of state on course.

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