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Soft Shoe Reshuffle

Soft Shoe Reshuffle

Friday 24 March, 2017
Malcolm and Lucy discuss prospects for a reshuffle and what to do with those members of cabinet whose hearts are Trump’s.
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Malcolm and Lucy discuss prospects for a reshuffle and what to do with those members of cabinet whose hearts are Trump’s.

 “Tell me Luce” said Malcolm engagingly during afternoon tea at The Lodge “do you think it’s time for a reshuffle?”

“Frankly Mal” I replied “I think it’s time you totally rebooted the cabinet by booting them all out”

“Oh come on Luce” protested Mal “Julie’s doing a sterling job, Scott’s doing his best and Greg Hunt is the World’s Best Minister”

“But that’s almost as bad as claiming Wayne Swan was the World’s Greatest Treasurer” I pointed out

“And what about Peter Dutton?” demanded Malcolm

“I’ll tell you what” I responded “he’s about as charismatic as a hippo in a coma”

“George Brandis” asserted Malcolm “is doing quite inspiring work”

“He should be sacrificed with Gillian Triggs” I opined “on the altar of 18C”

“Michaelia Cash” claimed Malcolm “is an absolute revelation”

“I have to admit” I confessed “that she’s as crisp and high value as a withdrawal from an ATM machine and what’s more she allows you to take all the credit”

“Just between you and I” said Malcolm confidentially “I still have my doubts about Barnaby “

“I know what you mean” I assured him “but he’s quite entertaining for a National and it’s nice to have someone like him around who is an obvious target to take all the blame in a crisis”

“Chis Pyne makes enough noise for two” confirmed Malcolm

“Well he has to make up forMarise Payne” I suggested “I only hope she’s good at Defence because her attack is non-existent”

“Of course” asserted Malcolm “I couldn’t possibly dream of bringing back Abetz, Andrews or Abbott”

“We can only be thankful that there’s another twenty-five letters in the alphabet” I declared “although ‘B’ stands for Bernardiso that only leaves twenty-four. Of course I suppose you could consider bringing in some young turks”

“Oh goodness me” exclaimed Malcolm “I couldn’t possibly do that because it would upset Arthur Sinodinos”



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