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Son of Bambi vs Luddite Luke

Son of Bambi vs Luddite Luke

Friday 20 March, 2015
The premier who is running the state is being taken on for his job by someone who has never run anything except an ALP Chook Raffle.
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NSW Election CamPAIN 2015

From those wonderful people who brought you Eddie Obeid, Joe Tripodi, Sparkles Scully, Ian MacDonald, Tony Kelly, della Iguanas Bosca, David Campbell and Mark Arbib now comes Luddite Luke who quite understandably claims to have a new approach for New South Wales in the wake of the old one proving so unpopular at the ICAC.

There is still a question however about whether Luddite Luke is any different. The old Labor lot continually promised to build the North West Metro, M4 extensions and an M5 upgrade but they went absolutely nowhere.

Now that Son of Bambi is promising all that and more Luddite Luke is intent on smashing any prospect of infrastructure upgrades in favour of the unions retaining total control of the electricity industry’s employment and pay policies.

All this of course is in the great Luddite tradition of preventing any progress and if Luke is successful it could bring NSW traffic and public transport to absolute gridlock with within five years ensuring that the only way to drive around Sydney would be cruising along Clover’s cycle lanes in a mini car.

Son of Bambi has been running a campaign which illustrates the stark contrast between himself and Eddie Obeid and also maintains a safe distance between himself and the Shooters Party. He’s such a picture of sweet innocence there’s a danger that after four more years of him as premier the public could crave some colourful old-style government corruption.

Son of Bambi’s mob are seriously questioning whether Luddite Luke has what it takes. They are casting doubt on whether he even has the sort of Nathan Rees credentials which were mandatory to qualify for power-broking into the premier’s gig by Eddie and Joe.

On top of that he’s got no experience whatsoever in the Bear Pit apart from a vacation job at Taronga Zoo. But from a Labor Party perspective he offers an irresistible combination of unique qualities comprising no appearances at the ICAC, never stayed at Eddie’s ski lodge, never been a minister or run a business, never delivered a budget surplus and carries no baggage except on a couple of occasions driving his car.

Furthermore Luddite Luke has recently gained an unexpected boost to his campaign from an unexpected source when Tony appeared on the hustings with Son of Bambi talking about the values he holds deer.


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