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Son of Bambi vs Luddite Luke Final Round

Son of Bambi vs Luddite Luke Final Round

Friday 27 March, 2015
You don’t have to be politically paralytic to cast your vote in the NSW Election but it would certainly help.
The story starts here...

As the NSW Election CamPAIN reaches a tumultuous crescendo Luddite Luke is making one last desperate attempt to convince the public that he’s actually the leader of the NSW Labor Party.

They have had trouble coming to terms with this concept because given Luke’s track record he’s one of the last people you’d expect to be leading anything except a faction of faceless men.

He is now promising that if he beats Son of Bambi this will result in Tony’s demise as well because of course this election is being fought strictly on state issues.

Consistent with his policy of stopping all Son of Bambi’s infrastructure improvements Luke is promising some innovative measures to improve conditions for motorists stuck in interminable traffic jams. New roadside services for marooned motorists would include psychiatrists, meditation classes and wires and poles-dancers.

The unions in NSW are desperate to denigrate Son of Bambi because he refuses to power-share with them like Labor. Their campaign warning of an imminent apocalypse if Son of Bambi is re-elected is about as convincing as a claim that Little Lord Fauntleroy is planning a terrorist attack.

Son of Bambi has persisted in being unfailingly civil about everyone especially Luddite Luke. This sort of approach is such an anathema to the personal attack-dog motivation of NSW Labor they don’t know quite how to cope with it. Being absolutely vile about Son of Bambi could attract the attention of the RSPCA and furthermore it’s too late to send the NSW Labor Party on a crash charm course at the June Dally Watkins finishing school for men.

The time has come to take the ultimate democratic risk and cast your vote.

If you believe the only hope for NSW is the power of prayer then vote for Fred Nile.
If you don’t mind traffic jams and experience the pride of ownership every time you gaze upon poles and wires then Luddite Luke is your man.

The Greens are running on a platform of less gobal warming sunshine and more solar-powered cars which means NSW will need less freeways rather than more.

By casting your vote for Son of Bambi you’ll not only be depriving the deerhunters of their game but also ensuring that Tony hangs to his job at least until the budget.


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