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Son of Bambi vs Luddite Luke – The Wash-up

Son of Bambi vs Luddite Luke – The Wash-up

Friday 3 April, 2015
The main conclusion to be drawn from the NSW election is that it was probably a bit too soon for the Labor Party to try to get back into politics.
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NSW Election CamPAIN 2015

While the voters of NSW are overcome with relief having survived another election campaign with all their marbles intact there are profound lessons to be learned by all parties.

NSW Labor will obviously be keen in future to avoid campaigning on policies like poles and wires which are opposed by a large section of their own party. Given that this was the only discernible New Approach for NSW in Luddite Luke’s campaign it was no wonder he didn’t win.

Despite a majority of people in NSW opposing the leasing of poles and wires Son of Bambi won the election easily by promising to do exactly that. Many people must have panicked when they found to their alarm they were on the same side as the Labor Party’s ratbag rhetoric.

The other lesson of the Labor Party will probably take of out of this election is that it is unwise to replace a party leader three months before an election unless of course that leader is John Robertson and then perhaps any time is a good time.

The party has to learn to compete effectively against a cleanskin like Son of Bambi when their natural instinct born of their heritage from the Obeid, Tripodi and MacDonald era is to open a deer-hunting season. If nice guys are now more likely to finish first the Labor Party will have to change its policy and start recruiting some of them.

It was to Son of Bambi’s considerable credit that he won despite Labor’s promise that Tony would be spilled if he lost. Labor were disappointed when Malcolm didn’t come out to actively campaign with them in support of this proposition.
Arguably the most significant element of the election campaign was that only Son of Bambi promised to do something. Labor and the Greens simply rabbited on about stopping him doing things like leasing the poles and wires, fracking and being so insufferably bloody likeable.

Labor drafted in Daniel Andrews and Anna Palaszczuk to encourage the NSW electorate that a Labor Party miracle could happen in NSW as well. However it only served to remind voters that miracles never happen as a result of voting for politicians not even Fred Nile.

At the next NSW election in four years’ time Luddite Luke will actually have had some experience of leading something. If he can avoid upsetting the power-brokers and Son of Bambi survives the deer-hunters we can look forward to another hard-fought election between the two of them over issues that really matter like if the Almighty really is in Fred Nile’s corner why on earth doesn’t he get more votes?


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