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A Special message from the Leader of the Opposition

A Special message from the Leader of the Opposition

Friday 17 June, 2016
Only fifteen days to go before you’re faced with the awful reality of voting for one of them
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Only fifteen days to go before you’re faced with the awful reality of voting for one of them

I have just announced Labor’s courageous new plan to go deep into deficit for the next four years.

There are many sound reasons for this especially coming clean about the fact that this is always what happens under a Labor government.

The fact is that Labor policies are fair to everyone and so cost a lot more than those of the Coalition that are only fair to business and Malcolm’s rich mates.

So we deserve much credit for revealing that we plan to get the country into a huge economic hole before it actually happens.

As the Greens have been saying for some time budget surpluses are an outdated notion and I’m not prepared to let it detract me from leading my party to victory on a promise of throwing money around fairly.

Let’s face it the next federal election is only three years away and that scarcely gives us enough time to rack up sufficient debt to make the Coalition promises at that time of returning the budget to surplus look absolutely ludicrous.

If through some unforeseen problem in the Chinese economy Labor leads this country into bankruptcy we are taking the necessary steps to ensure the population is sufficiently healthy and well-educated to make the very best of it.

It’s true that no-one can make an accurate ten year economic forecast so even after four years of devastating Labor deficits and I sincerely believe there’s a good chance the Australian economy can still survive although of course promising economic prosperity in succeeding years would be perhaps beyond courageous.

It’s also fair to say there’s as much chance of a Labor government ever returning the budget to surplus as there is of Tony Abbott addressing a people smuggler conference.

Returning budgets to surplus is a Coalition policy and under Abbott and Turnbull they’ve failed abysmally. In fact if Labor is elected into government and we implement our utterly courageous deficit policy it’s possible that the Coalition’s surplus policies will become permanently redundant and Labor will govern in perpetuity ensuring a fair deficit for all.

In fact I believe if we manage to double the unsatisfactory debt and deficit levels currently delivered by this hopelessly unfair Coalition government I can foresee a situation where the economic situation could deteriorate to the point where another courageous alliance with the Greens would not be out of the question.


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