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Talking of Tony in 2015

Talking of Tony in 2015

Friday 1 January, 2016
Roger Pugh reviews the greatest quotes about Tony in 2015.
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The Roger Pugh Perspective

Tanya Plibersek said “Malcolm Turnbull owes his popularity to the relief people feel that Tony Abbott is no longer Prime Minister”. Presumably Bill Shorten owes his unpopularity to the relief people feel now that they’re no longer stuck with him as the alternative.

Bill Shorten said “Tony Abbott was the most divisive Prime Minister Australia has ever had”. Kevin was obviously the most divisive Prime Minister the Labor Party has ever had.

A letter to a paper said “Now that Abbott’s been dumped as PM I’m no longer embarrassed by who is representing us overseas”. The First Bloke was a hard act to follow.

Malcolm said “Tony made an inestimable contribution to Australia”. That’s why he didn’t bring on a spill any sooner.

The ACTU said “Abbott’s Royal Commission is nothing more than a witch-hunt”. Well actually it is because it’s hunted down a number of wicked wizards.

Julie Bishop said “I played no part in the demise of Tony Abbott”. She was more interested in bringing about the demise of Peta Credlin.

Christopher Pyne said “It’s probably true that Tony was more effective as an opposition leader”. That’s why Malcolm should be worried.

Jacqui Lambie said “I don’t know which is worse being one of Tony’s Captain’s Picks or being a member of PUP”. How about being Clive’s accountant?

A climate change campaigner said “Abbott’s carbon reduction policies seem to be working but I don’t agree with them” She was obviously more of a fan of Kevin’s ETS.

Peta Credlin said “Tony is the greatest Prime Minister ever to have worked for me”. Actually that’s not true.

Prince Philip said “Thanks to Tony you can now call me Sir”. That’s not true either.


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Roger Pugh who has written most of the articles on Friday Mash occasionally publishes one under his own name for the reassurance that Abbattman or Jacqui’s Think Tank haven’t yet completely taken him over. His aim to convince those who are disillusioned with politics that it is a worthwhile activity if only for its entertainment value. He believes that politics could become really popular if politicians would only understood how funny they are and gave up trying to be so serious about everything.

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