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The Blessings of Political Bias

The Blessings of Political Bias

Friday 17 July, 2015
A Hole, Friday Mash’s anally gifted social commentator, argues that media bias is the only thing that prevents politics becoming intolerably boring.
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A Hole Comments on FridayMash

I could save Tony and the ABC a lot of money. They could forget about all the inquiries they’re pursuing into whether the ABC is biased and simply ask me.

Of course they’re biased, blind Freddie can see that. The question is does it matter?

If Tony Jones, Emma Alberici, Leigh Sales, Barry Cassidy or Mark Scott have ever voted for the Coalition I’m President of the Julia Gillard Comeback Club.

As a matter of interest where on earth does the ABC find its Q&A audiences?

They must recruit them during union demonstrations and student riots.

Any Labor or Green assertion on Q&A about the errant nature of Abbott’s climate change policies, Operation Sovereign Borders or the mistreatment of terror suspects attracts uninhibited applause while Coalition assertions about securing the nation’s economy and security are met with contemptuous disinterest.

Of course Coalition MPs are going to get pissed with Q&A from time to time just like Julia, Nicola Roxon and Stephen Conroy used to get absolutely apoplectic about the Murdoch press and it’s encouraging to note that Paul Barry is ignoring Media Watch’s commitment to independence and sustaining that great tradition.

What you have to ask yourself however is what would politicians be like without Q&A, the Bolt Report, the Fairfax Press and the Murdoch Press?

They’d be a complacent, secretive and faceless mob who’d communicate a boring lot of tosh on a need to know basis secure in the knowledge it would be faithfully recorded by a compliant media.

The media’s abiding Interest and bias helps politicians by making them not only famous and fashionable but in some cases fatuous and fallacious as well.

Of course Q&A behaved in an unacceptably biased manner by fronting Zaky Mallah but there are times when every programme has to do something drastic to improve its ratings.

By and large the ABC audience is just as biased as its commentators and that’s no different from the Bolt Report or the Daily Telegraph. This reality not only guarantees a strong audience for the medium but also that they will be reassured and entertained. What more could politics possibly have to offer?

There is absolutely no question that Tony Is just as biased against the ABC as they are against him. Both believe it is their duty to save the country from the other and let’s face it they both have a case.

Once you comprehend that both politicians and the media are intractability biased politically you have taken a major step towards making sense of politics and, however improbably, actually starting to enjoy it.


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As one of Australia’s leading social commentators A Hole is always conscious of the need to avoid making an arse of himself. His commentaries are frequently compared to the material on the walls of public toilets although they don’t remain in the public consciousness anything like as long.

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