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The Insanity of Politics

The Insanity of Politics

Friday 26 February, 2016
Felicity Farthardly, Director of Friday Mash Research Services, canvasses the views of this week’s focus group on whether Australia would benefit from a Prime Minister like Trump.
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FridayMash Focus Group

“Tell me Flo” began Felicity “what is your overall impression of Donald Trump?”

“He’s an absolute arsehole” replied Flo “who seems terribly liverish and is desperately in need of a decent barber”

“I was thinking rather of your assessment of him as a politician” explained Felicity

“He reminds me of our Alf” interposed Eric “he’d sell his grandmother into sexual slavery in the Islamic State for an autographed selfie

“Imagine if Trump was Prime Minister of Australia” said Felicity “what sort of an impact do you think he would have?”

“He’d give us freedom from politicians” replied Ethel “I can’t tell you what a relief it would be if I woke up one morning and found that the country was no longer run by the Coalition or Labor. It would be like waking up and finding George Clooney next to me instead of my old man”

“But look what happened with Clive” said Gert “he turned out to be as big a plonker as Kevin but twice the size”

“If Trump became US President” asked Felicity “do you think he’d be able to work with the Congress?”

“First he’d try to fire them” replied Eric “then he’d sue them, then he’d threaten them with expulsion to Mexico and finally he’d get Ben Carson to give them a bypass”

“Would you like to see someone like Trump” asked Felicity “competing to become our Prime Minister at this year’s federal election?”

“My oath” replied Ethel “first we elected Kevin and not even the Labor Party rated him, then we elected Julia and copped the First Bloke as well, then we narrowly avoided an apocalypse with Abbott and now Malcolm’s entered a state of suspended animation. But surely we’re not mad enough to elect Bill and expect a different result”

“So what in effect you’re saying” said Felicity “is the only way that Australians can prevent themselves being certified politically insane is by electing someone like Trump”

“Not exactly” responded Eric “what I think we’re saying is if we elected someone like Trump as Prime Minister we could all be proud of ourselves for being politically insane enough not to elect a politician like Malcolm or Bill and have to suffer the embarrassment of being told what a good decision we’d made”


About this Series
No politician who is serious about acting in Australia’s best interests would dream of taking a key decision before first checking with Felicity Farthardly who is widely recognised as one of the country’s leading experts on the public’s political needs and attitudes. She’s the researcher who can always be relied on to ask the right questions provided she’s been briefed beforehand on the right answers

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