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The Weak in Politics

The Weak in Politics on Friday 12th December 2014

The Weak in Politics on Friday 12th December 2014

Friday 12 December, 2014
The polls are showing that if an election was held tomorrow it would come as a big shock to politicians.
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Weak in Politics section from FridayMash

You decide on the great issues facing the nation

What is your Christmas wish for Tony?
– A Roads Scholarship at Oxford to help him fix the infrastructure
– A Christmas pudding that doesn’t remind him of Clive
– A carbon free Christmas where everyone goes cold turkey
Extended paid parental leave for Joe after he gives birth to a MYEFO
Operation Sovereign Borders doesn’t send Father Christmas back to Indonesia.

Conniving with Clive

Clive is desperate to block improvements to university education because it will only lead to more people becoming too knowledgeable to vote for PUP.

I want to be absolutely clear about this

Is Bill Shorten so proud of the debt created by the last Labor government he’s prepared to go to any lengths to prevent Tony Abbott condemning it to the same fate as the carbon tax?

Green and bear it

Christine Milne is dreaming of a Green Christmas, which is in effect a White Christmas that hasn’t been melted away by global warming.

Heard down the Canberra corridors of power

‘Will you be leaving a package for Jacqui under the Christmas tree?’
‘Given the sort of package she’s looking for I think it would be better if I delivered it in person’

Christine Milne thought bubble

‘This government’s plan to put up degrees will undoubtedly increase global warming’

A State in Union

The unions in Victoria are claiming victory over the Coalition at the state election. They still haven’t told Daniel Andrews how much responsibility for running the state they’re going to delegate to him.

Heard down the Canberra corridors of power

‘Isn’t Joe about to release a MYEFO?’
‘Yes but no-one will hear if he does it discreetly’


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This is the column with insights that all the other publications seem unable to cope with. That’s arguably because they take politics far too seriously.

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