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The Weak in Politics

The Weak in Politics on Friday 16th January 2015

The Weak in Politics on Friday 16th January 2015

Friday 16 January, 2015
What would happen if Pauline Hanson got elected to the Queensland Parliament?
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You decide on the great issues facing the nation

What would happen if Pauline Hanson got elected to the Queensland Parliament?
– Clive would woo her to become the replacement for Jacqui
– It would result in a huge lift in political standards for Queensland
– She would criticise Tony for being soft on asylum seekers
– She would come out strongly in favour of Chinese takeaway but only as an immigration policy
– It would raise significantly the average sex appeal of Queensland politicians

Heard down the Canberra corridors of power

‘I’m expecting to be kicked out of parliament by Bronnie so often in 2015 that I’ve bought a season ticket at the local Canberra cinema’

Conniving with Clive

Campbell Newman has called a Queensland State election before the PUP-inspired Senate Committee has time to speak to all the witnesses and produce a damning report into his government. This has infuriated Clive who believes he’s the only witness they need.

Heard down the NSW corridors of power

‘If Mike Baird really is the Son of Bambi then his father Bruce has got some explaining to do’

I want to be absolutely clear about this

If Pauline Hanson makes a major comeback to politics will this deter asylum seekers so much that the country can save billions by abolishing Operation Sovereign Borders?

Heard down the Queensland corridors of power

‘I see John Bjelke Petersen is head of Clive’s Party in Queensland’
‘That means that Clive’s got a brick with eyes in charge of his Senate team and a brick with ties in charge of Queensland’

Green and Bear it

The Greens would like to make it absolutely clear that they don’t think it’s at all funny to refer to their immigration spokesperson as Pauline Hanson Young.

Heard in the NSW Labor Party Room

‘The trouble with Luke Foley is that no-one has heard of him’
‘And it’s too late to arrange an ICAC hearing for him before the election’


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