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The Weak in Politics

The Weak in Politics on Friday 1st May 2015

The Weak in Politics on Friday 1st May 2015

Friday 1 May, 2015
Bill Shorten announced a policy for a new tax. This wasn’t an idea but merely another symptom of one of the Labor Party’s abiding afflictions.
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Why did the NZ Prime Minister pull the hair of the girl working in a café - You Decide

Heard at the Democrats’ final party meeting

‘Who will keep the bastards honest after we’ve gone?’
‘Well obviously not the ICAC’

Heard down the Canberra corridors of power

‘It’s time for more of the Gallipoli spirit in politics’
‘Quite right, the Independents should realise that after their valiant resistance it’s time to make a strategic withdrawal from the Senate’

Green and Bear it

The Greens are calling it an absolute disgrace that Australia hasn’t yet committed to a 30% reduction in carbon emissions by 2025 when a major emitter like China has committed to start reducing theirs as soon as 2030.

Heard down the Canberra corridors of power

‘Bill Shorten’s just released a policy to tax the rich’
‘He must have nicked the idea from the Greens’

I want to be absolutely clear about this

Does Jacqui Lambie really know better than Joe Hockey how to frame the budget, better than Christopher how to fix universities and better than Tony how to run the country? On second thoughts the answers to these questions could be so devastating that it’s probably better not to pursue them.

Heard in Bill Shorten’s office

‘I’m worried about releasing a policy to soak the rich’
‘Don’t worry Bill Shorten only a few people in the union movement will have to pay it’

Heard down the NSW corridors of power

‘What do you think would happen if I gave the ICAC all the powers they want?’
‘You’ll be appearing before them’


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