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The Weak in Politics

The Weak in Politics on Friday 20th November 2015

The Weak in Politics on Friday 20th November 2015

Friday 20 November, 2015
This was the week when it became clear that the strongest anti-terrorism forces in Australia are Tony Abbott and Pauline Hanson.
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Weak in Politics section from FridayMash

Heard in a Canberra restaurant

“How do you think Malcolm could introduce a 15% GST in a way that’s fair to all?”

“By limiting its application to South Yarra and the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney”

Heard in the Parliament House bar

“Why has Charles only been to Australia fifteen times in sixty-seven years?

“Because the budget for royal visits has been subject to regular heircuts”

Heard in a Melbourne pub

‘If Camilla became the Queen of Australia how should we celebrate her accession?”

“By placing her on a Mardi Gras float with all our other Queens”

Heard at a Greens caucus meeting

“It’s vital Australia focuses more on renewable sources of power”

“I agree providing that doesn’t include Kevin, Julia or Tony”

Heard at a North Shore cocktail party

“The thought of Bill Shorten as Prime Minister gives me nightmares”

“I haven’t had one since Kevin was kicked out”

Heard down the Canberra corridors of power

“I see the union movement is continuing to lose members”

“They’ve been in terminal decline ever since they rejected Work Choices”

Heard at the ABC

“How is it we’ve recently managed to broaden the scope of our current affairs coverage so much?”

“We’re no longer spending half our time abusing Abbott”


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This is the column with insights that all the other publications seem unable to cope with. That’s arguably because they take politics far too seriously.

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