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The Weak in Politics

The Weak In Politics on Friday 6th November 2015

The Weak In Politics on Friday 6th November 2015

Friday 6 November, 2015
This was the week when everyone in the UK thought Tony was Maggie’s lovechild instead of Bronnie’s.
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Weak in Politics section from FridayMash

What should be the government’s policy towards the ACTU - You Decide

Heard in the Greens party room

“What are you hoping will come out of the Climate Change Conference?”

“Well if they could agree to raise sea levels that might spur some action”

Heard in the Labor caucus

“Do you think there’s a chance of Bill Shorten being resurrected?”

“I doubt very much whether he can survive the five months till Easter”

I want to be absolutely clear about this

How long will it be before Bill Shorten’s poll numbers fall to the point where the mercy rule will have to be applied?

Heard in the Foreign Office

“Sometimes it’s very difficult to get a response from China”

“You should try sending a frigate past the Spratley Islands”

Heard down the Canberra corridors of power

“Tony’s travelling the world giving speeches about his great achievements as PM”

“In view of the fact Kevin and Julia have already done the same it must be very confusing to people overseas that Australia is in such a mess”

Heard in a Canberra restaurant

“I hear the CFMEU have assembled a $10 million war-chest to fight Malcolm”

“How much are they planning to spend on fighting Bill?”

Heard down the Canberra corridors of power

“Do you think that Malcolm will let out a MYEFO next month”

“No he’s far too well-mannered”


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