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Time For Our Shout

Time For Our Shout

Friday 22 July, 2016
Fred Plodge, whose reputation as Australia’s leading public bar political commentator was enhanced exponentially during the election, becomes the first authority to make sense of what on earth happened during those endless eight weeks.
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Public Bar Politics - a FridayMash satirical series

The underlying problem with the election was the inevitability that it would lead to either a Coalition or Labor government which for vast majority of people were the two least desirable outcomes.

The country is desperate for a PM of stature who can hang on to the job for a term or two.

We are indebted to Kevin for demonstrating that a demented douchebag is not the answer although it took us two exposures to be sure.

Julia and the First Bloke were one of the greatest love stories of all time although the trouble was no-one could understand what they saw in each other.

Tony knew what it would take to save us from a lifetime of budget deficits but the consensus was that the deficits were infinitely preferable.

Malcolm seems to be the personification of all mouth and no trousers while Bill seems like state-of- the-art drone technology that gets its buttons pressed in the control room at the ACTU.

It’s no wonder so many yearn for someone like Pauline Hanson, Nick Xenophon, Derryn Hinch or Jacqui Lambie to run the country. Yes things really are that desperate.

Elections merely give voters a choice between fiscal restraint on the right or fiscal folly on the left.

That’s why I’m determined to press on with the launch of the Public Bar Party which will give everyone the equal opportunity to open a tab at a bar.

Take this business in NSW of greyhound racing. Where’s the democracy in that? The NSW government didn’t get a mandate for a ban at the election, there was no consultative process with the public or the greyhounds and not one greyhound racing expert in any public bar anywhere in the country was consulted. This is an outrage and has ensured that everyone from the greyhound racing industry will come racing out of the traps for the Public Bar Party at the next state election.

It’s no wonder Aussies are increasingly looking to opinion leaders like me to raise the bar and shout on their behalf.

I’m inspired by the dream that drinkers will come to regard public bars not merely as places to go and get pissed or complain about their wives but rather as examples of taking the First Bloke’s concept of Men’s Sheds to a whole new political level.


About this Series
Fred Plodge is widely acclaimed as Australia’s premier pub commentator on politics and international affairs. Pub patrons throughout Sydney look to Fred as their most unfailingly reliable source of current affairs commentary. Fred’s insight seems to reach full potential after around six schooners and this has led to a feeling amongst patrons that by comparison the commentary from most politicians falls a few schooners short.

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