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Transatlantic Antics

Transatlantic Antics

Friday 15 January, 2016
Pudding Club members discuss the respective merits of Trump and Hillary and canvass whether Donald should choose Monica Lewinsky as his running mate.
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The Pudding Club section Friday

“I say” said His Lordship “what do you make of that bounder Trump?”

“Absolute breath of fresh air” said the General “rather like Nigel Farage gone totally feral”

“I can’t make up my mind” said Sir Rah “whether he’s the best thing since Reagan or the worst thing since Nixon”

“The trouble with US politics” pronounced His Lordship “is that there’s too much of it. The political pissing around over there is so pervasive that they even elect urinal supervisors”

“It’s blindingly obvious” explained the General “that Americans are keen on Trump because he’s a man of action like me. Both of us make every woman we meet feel like she’s a chance of becoming Miss Universe”

“Trump is a very polarising figure” said Sir Rah “half of the US is sending him up the poll while he’s sending the other half up the pole”

“The trouble with Hillary” said the General “is that forty-odd percent of Americans are faithful to her but the other fifty-odd prefer to look elsewhere like Bill

“The question is” posed His Lordship “has the time come when we should start regarding Trump as a serious candidate for President rather than a temporary El Nino effect and how would a Trump Presidency impact on the UK?”

“I don’t believe the measures adopted at the Paris Climate Summit” said the General “will have any effect on Trump or the weather for that matter. If he became President the US would become the world’s leading terrorist state,

he’d form an alliance with Nigel to make Britain Great again and appoint me head of the Miss Universe talent-spotting unit in the EU”

“How do you think David would get on with Trump as US President?” asked Sir Rah

“It could be difficult” replied His Lordship “David might have to take steps to civilise him like making him an honorary member of the Old Etonian Club and the MCC”

“What intrigues me” said Sir Rah “is what on earth would happen to Bill if Hillary became President”

“There would be one President in the White House” said the General ‘and another in the doghouse”


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