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The War on Terror for Beginners

The War on Terror for Beginners

Friday 17 October, 2014
Luce Scruz, Friday Mash’s Editor at Large who is all over the place, has written this analysis of the War on Terror to reassure readers who are totally confused by it all that they are not alone.
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Ravings of a Ratbag on Friday Mash
There’s a critical difference between the opposing sides in the War on Terror. ISIL is single- minded about trying to win while Obama is going for a draw because he believes it would be too damaging to US’s international relations if he won.

The US seems to have lost the killer instinct. They’ve fiddled around the margins in Afghanistan and Iraq and now they’re at it again in Iraq and Syria. They had a win a while back in Panama but that’s like Manchester United beating a local pub team.

Now they’re up against ISIL who are Bad Guys focused on annihilating anything in their way. The US has assembled a motley crew of Good Guys who are nothing like as nasty.

The Iraqi army are Good Guys who appear to have modelled their tactics on an Italian Army Manual from the 1940’s. Their fundamental misunderstanding of what it takes to win a war on terror was exemplified by their role as a supplier of US military equipment to ISIL.

The non-ISIL rebels in Syria are also Good Guys who are fighting both ISIL and Assad without the US military equipment they were promised but so far not delivered by either the Iraqi Army or the US.

The Good Guy Kurds are having a real dig at ISIL although the Turks who are Good Guys believe some of them are Bad. They have received some US military equipment but disappointingly they haven’t received anything yet from the Iraqi Army either.

The Shia militia in Iraq are potentially a major anti-ISIL Good Guy Force. The trouble is they’re waiting in the wings for a nod from Iran who in the context of this war are Ugly Guys who are torn between their natural instincts to make bad things happen for both the Good and the Bad Guys.

Hopefully Israel won’t join on the Good Guys side against ISIL because things might start to become confusing. Iran are just as violently anti-Israel as they are anti-ISIL so they might end up being the Good, the Bad and the Ugly Guys all at the same time.

Obama remains in the background sending planes in the air but no boots on the ground. His main focus is avoiding doing anything that will result in ISIL being resupplied with US military equipment.

In the final strategic analysis however Obama has to understand that trying to win a war in the Middle East with a bombing campaign directed from Washington is like expecting to protect the US from the damaging effects of climate change through a switch to solar power in the Middle East.


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In order to demonstrate our absolute commitment to free speech Friday Mash is even prepared to publish the extreme Ratbag Ravings of someone as nutty as Luce Scruz. She is one of the world’s leading correspondents at large because no-one will allow her to stay in one place for too long.

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