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The Weak in Politics

The Weak In Aussie Politics

The Weak In Aussie Politics

Friday 29 April, 2016
“I see that Channel 9 is bringing back the Voice” “It obviously wasn’t in Lebanon”
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Weak in Politics section from FridayMash

Heard at the ABC

“I see that Channel 9 is bringing back the Voice”

“It obviously wasn’t in Lebanon”

Heard in the Labor Caucus

“What travel allowance will Bronnie get after she leaves Parliament?”

“Four broomsticks a year”

Heard down the corridors of power in Canberra

“Who asked Channel 9 if they’d be willing to do an encore by snatching Julian Assange from the Ecuadorian Embassy?”

“The Ecuadorian Embassy”

Heard at a far right faction meeting

“We’ve just had the hottest-ever March”

“I told you the Paris Climate Change Summit would be a waste of time”

Heard at Liberal Party HQ

“What do you think would be the main thrust of a Shorten prime ministership?”

“It would give the ACTU the opportunity to prove they’re capable of running the country”

Heard in a Surry Hills restaurant

“Which has the greater chance of success Clive running a nickel refinery or Channel 9 running a kidnap?”

“Bronnie running as an independent”


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