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Weak in Politics on Friday 10th October 2014

Weak in Politics on Friday 10th October 2014

Friday 10 October, 2014
Last week Bronnie reached the remarkable milestone of two hundred parliamentary removals.
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Why did Clive orchestrate a Senate Inquiry into Campbell Newman?

  • He refused to move the Barrier Reef because it was in Clive’s way.
  • He refused to change Queensland’s name to Palmersland
  • He refused to relocate Queensland’s seat of government to the Palmer Coolum Resort
  • He refused to list Clive’s Dinosaur Park as an archaeological wonder of the world
  • He refused to contract out the responsibility for mining approvals to PUP

Bronnie’s Parliamentary Removals Service

Last week Bronnie reached the remarkable milestone of two hundred parliamentary removals. The quality of the service she provides is borne out by the fact that members of the Labor Party keep coming back for more.

Green and Bear It

Christine Milne seems to believe that if you ignore terrorism it will go away. She can’t seem to grasp that it’s similar to climate change. People have been ignoring what she says about it for years but she still hasn’t gone away.

Heard Down the Corridors of Power

‘I hear there’s a campaign in Tasmania to encourage people to eat their greens’
‘Well that’s one way of keeping them out of Canberra’

Obama Drama

The US President has been forced to act against ISIL in Iraq in case they have more success at finding the WMDs there than George W Bush.

Conniving with Clive

If it is proven that Chinese money funded Clive’s election to parliament ASIO should check whether he’s a Manchurian Candidate.

Bill Shorten Thought Bubble

‘It would be an outrage to ban the niqab in Parliament House. It’s worn by faceless men on undercover missions’

I Want to be Absolutely Clear About This

Is the reason Tony doesn’t have more women in his cabinet sexist, affirmative inaction, Julie is more than enough for him to handle or apprehension that one of them could turn out like Julia?


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