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Weak in Politics on Friday 19th June 2015

Weak in Politics on Friday 19th June 2015

Friday 19 June, 2015
This was the week when Joe started preparing for a future career as a real estate agent.
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Problem with Joe Hockey - You Decide

Heard down the Canberra corridors of power

‘Did you see Kevin and Julia in the Killing Season?’

‘No because it was deemed unsuitable viewing for mature adults’

I want to be absolutely clear about this

Why on earth didn’t the Labor MPs who suffered so gravely under Kevin go public about it at the time? People like Gillian Triggs and Amnesty International could have taken decisive action to protect their human rights.

Heard down the Canberra corridors of power

‘It looks like Joe has got housing problems’

‘Well no bank manager is going to grant a mortgage to a guy with such a poor job security outlook’

Green and Bear it

After being warned for years by Tim Flannery about the threat of droughts caused by climate change the Greens are now warning it will cause floods.

Putin believes climate change could have beneficial effects in Russia and beyond. Before everyone gets totally carried away at the Paris Conference in December wouldn’t it be a good idea to check whether perhaps Putin has taken replaced Al Gore as the leading authority in the field?

Heard down the Canberra corridors of power

‘What did you think of the Killing Season?’

‘It wasn’t as convincing as the House Of Cards’

Heard down at the Leagues Club

‘That horse’s arse Hockey needs to get his act together and extend the age of entitlement to cover house purchases”

Heard down the union corridors of power

‘It’s a good job Bill Shorten’s no longer in the union movement because he could have caused us considerable embarrassment at the Royal Commission’


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