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Weak in Politics on Friday 31st October 2014

Weak in Politics on Friday 31st October 2014

Friday 31 October, 2014
The Week in Politics belonged to Gough because he certainly can’t be counted amongst the Weak in Politics.
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The Week in Politics belonged to Gough because he certainly can’t be counted amongst the Weak in Politics.

You decide on the great issues of our time

What advice would you give to the new Indonesian President?
– His plan to re-establish Indonesia as a maritime nation should not be based around a resurgence in people smuggling.
– If ever he ever wants to double check exactly he said during a secret meeting he shouldn’t hesitate to consult ASIO.
– He can take confidence in the fact that Operation Sovereign Borders has an unblemished record in preventing Australian asylum seekers reaching Indonesia.
– He’s in no danger of a shirt-fronting from Tony because the initial trial involving Putin at the G20 appears to have been cancelled.
– In the post-Julia era there’s nothing to prevent him beefing up cattle-class transportation from Australia.

Heard Down the Corridors of Power

‘I’m hearing reports of an absolutely massive health scare’
‘Don’t tell me Clive has got Ebola symptoms’

Green and Bear It

Climate skeptics are forecasting that if the climate change pause lasts another seventeen years it could affect the Greens’ sustainability.

Disease Control

The Australian Government should be commended for its efforts to prevent one of the most serious ever threats to global health and security reaching Australia. However the G20 were adamant that Putin should attend their meeting in Brisbane.

Tony Abbott Thought Bubble

‘Before I got into politics I was under the impression that being a successful prime minister of Australia didn’t wholly depend on being liked by the President of Indonesia’

I want to be absolutely clear about this

Is Sarah Hanson Young relieved that asylum seekers are no longer in peril at sea or is she morally outraged rather at the high unemployment among people smugglers caused by Abbott government policies?

Christine Milne Thought Bubble

‘We’ve already lost asylum seekers as an issue and if the climate change pause turns out to be permanent we’ll have to go back to chaining ourselves to trees’

Heard Down the Corridors of Power

‘I see she’s shed all that surplus’
‘She could become the next Julia Gillard’


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