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The Weak in Politics

The Weak in Politics on Friday 14th November 2014

The Weak in Politics on Friday 14th November 2014

Friday 14 November, 2014
What was Gough’s greatest achievement?
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What was Gough’s greatest achievement?
– He survived not only the Dismissal but two terms of Kevin as prime minister as well
– He got out of the prime ministership before he had to find the money to pay for what he’d done
– He created the financial model on which Wayne’s budgeting was based
– He gave Labor the confidence to aspire to become more than just a branch of the union movement
– There was an Australia before Gough and an Australia after just like BC and AD

Bill Shorten Thought Bubble

‘The present I’ll request from Santa this year is an asylum seeker boat arrival at Christmas Island’

I Want to be Absolutely Clear about this

If Tony Abbott fails to shirtfront Putin during the G20 will that constitute another broken promise?

Conniving with Clive

Jacqui Lambie has described Clive as ‘antsy-pantsy’. Having ants in his pants must however be a relatively minor issue for Clive. Regular dealings with Jacqui must cause a flea in his ear, a monkey on his back, a viper up his diaper and a hornet up his cornet.

Green & Bear It

There is still uncertainty over where Christine Milne will find all the green jobs for all the redundant miners if Australia stops mining and exporting coal. Golf Clubs claim there’s no way they could afford to employ them.

Heard Down the Corridors of Power

‘What are you looking forward to this summer?’
‘An animal rights group setting free the budgies being smuggled by Tony on Manly beach’

Conniving with Clive II

Following Jacqui’s anti-Clive outbursts there must be doubts whether their party can continue to claim to be Palmer United. Some are proposing it should be renamed the Palmer Opposing Party in which case PUP would go POP.

Sarah Hanson Young Thought Bubble

‘It’s perfectly logical that the earth could be continuing to warm up but showing no outward signs. I’ve had the hots for Tony for years but who would know?’


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