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The Weak in Politics

The Weak in Politics on Friday 24th October 2014

The Weak in Politics on Friday 24th October 2014

Friday 24 October, 2014
If Clive carries his form with Gold Coast United forward to Palmer United they'll only last one more season.
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Weak in Politics section from FridayMash

Blessed are the Weak for they shall inherit the budget deficit

You decide on the vital issues facing our nation

What is the likely outcome if the Labor Party takes a carbon pricing policy to the next election and wins?

  • There will be no government under any carbon price that Bill Shorten leads
  • The Coalition will have to adopt a more carbon neutral name like the Solarition
  • The cost of Powerade will go up
  • You won’t be able to use carbon credits to pay for your next coal delivery
  • Australia will have to move on from it’s Coalonial past

I want to be absolutely clear about this?

It’s difficult to avoid the impression that some people aren’t taking the war on terror seriously enough. Despite the fact the Barbarian ISIL are at the gates of Baghdad the Iraqi Government seem in no hurry to invite Australian special forces to come in, Turkey seems to believe the war on terror is a spectator sport while when it comes to conducting wars Obama simply doesn’t have his boots on the ground.

Green and Bear It

The Greens face an incredibly challenging policy decision in deciding whether they’d be prepared to accept ISIL asylum seekers who have symptoms of ebola.

Conniving with Clive

If Clive carries his form with Gold Coast United forward to Palmer United they’ll only last one more season.

Heard Down the Corridors of Power

‘Have you read Julia’s book yet?’

‘No because I’m expecting someone with a particularly warped sense of seasonal goodwill to give me a copy for Christmas’

Tony Abbott Thought Bubble

‘Before I shirtfront Putin I’ll first have to check whether he’s wearing one’

Emissions of Failure

Disappointingly the Greens failed to spark any interest whatsoever in their scheme to reduce Ebola emissions through an Emissions Trading Scheme

Putin Thought Bubble

‘If Tony Abbott shirtfronts me he should get suspended for at least two G20’s’


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