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The Weak In World Politics

The Weak In World Politics

Friday 2 December, 2016
From current US Social Commentary to world political wanker of the week...
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Washington insider talk
The reason Trump has decided to forego a presidential salary is thought to be that it could get him into a bad habit like paying income tax.

Industrial relations news from Australia

Malcolm Turnbull has stressed that the ABCC is desperately needed to force the CFMEU to raise their operational standards by even as little as matching the AWU under the leadership of Bill Shorten.

News from the UN

Trump’s isolationist approach to world affairs has been warmly welcomed at the UN General Assembly as a sign that he doesn’t intend to abuse other national leaders in person.

US Thanksgiving celebrations

Obama pardoned the turkey and Trump pardoned Hillary.

Current US social commentary
Leading US social commentators are speculating about the chances of Trump bringing the US together through sex. They point out it’s the only thing he’s talked about so far that appeals to the whole nation.

World political wanker of the week

French President Francois Holland has decided to stand for re-election despite his latest approval rating dropping to four percent. Admittedly the Brexit and US election polls were wrong but if Hollande gets re-elected experts believe it’s likely the French polls would get replaced by astrology.

International diplomacy
The international community was startled by the news that Trump wants to appoint Nigel Farage as UK ambassador to the US. Theresa May is thought to be prepared to retaliate by appointing Prince Harry’s girlfriend as US ambassador to the UK.

Middle East News
On hearing news of Trump’s election success the Islamic State decided to strengthen its anti-terrorism measures.


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