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Q&A on ABC coverage on FridayMash

This is a fair and balanced ABC current affairs show where lunatic left ideas are applauded wildly and sensible right ideas provoke outbursts of moral outrage. Coalition politicians appearing on the show are routinely recommended for bravery awards.


Cartoons & Caricatures of QANDA

  • Q&A strife

    Keeping up with the Jones - Q&A & ABC in deep poo

    Q&A this week was an absolute outrage – accordingly, the ABC is under siege

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    Q&A strife
  • A Straight Left and a Right Cross

    Theyre only human - cartoon of Bronwyn Bishop and Gillian Trigg by FridayMash

    This cartoon marks a week when a heavyweight bout between Bronwyn and Gillian almost outshone the State of Origin for sheer ferocity. Promoters are pushing for a return fight to take place almost certainly at Homebush stadium and Anthony Mundine has already expressed interest in appearing in one of the supporting bouts.

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    A Straight Left and a Right Cross


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