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Julia Gillard

Julia Gillard cartoon by FridayMash

Julia Gillard ruined a promising career as a minister by stabbing Kevin and becoming Prime Minister.

She is now desperately trying to re-write history by claiming her prime ministership wasn’t her fault and her place in her annals of Australian politics should not be defined as a calamitous interruption to Kevin’s disastrous term as Prime Minister.

Julia’s tumultuous prime ministerial career is presented here in its entirety through articles, cartoons and disaster reports. She will long be remembered as the PM who pioneered both the concept of First Bloke, arguably her most successful initiative, and also union slush funds which she’d love to keep buried somewhere away from the Royal Commission. Her Gonski, asylum seeker, mining tax and carbon tax initiatives will only be remembered if she mentions them in her memoirs. 


65 Cartoons & Caricatures of Julia Gillard


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