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Sarah Hanson Young

Sarah Hanson-Young

Sarah Hanson Young – Going Green in the Face of Asylum Seekers

Sarah Hanson Young is driving moral outrage in Australia to unprecedented levels especially in relation to asylum seekers, offshore processing and Operation Sovereign Borders but strangely people smuggler transportation standards don’t seem to upset her at all.

Her moral outrage about abolishing the mining and carbon taxes has led to the view that she intends to use it as the basis for a new religion because it’s hard to relate it to any sort of political context and she regularly sermonises about life under Tony Abbott being pretty hellish.

As recorded here Sarah is against so many things she never has time to be for anything. One her best qualities is an ability to be sanctimonious about everything. One of these days she is expected to be positive about something but Tony shouldn’t hold his breath. She has the especially attractive quality for a Green of not coming from Tasmania. 


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