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This is the leading collection of fun, satire and hilarity inspired by Tony Abbott’s concatenations with Clive Palmer, his sexism, boat stopping, budget bulldozing, misogyny, carbon and mining tax truncations, dangerous dalliances with Sarah Hanson Young and Jacqui Lambie, budgie smuggling, promise breaking, God bothering and Julia Gillard bashing.

Tony is captain and coach of Team Australia and is driving them to stop the boats, abolish the carbon and mining taxes, fix the budget, build the infrastructure and kick Putin and ISIS in the cobblers.

So far he has had marked success at stopping the boats and abolishing the taxes, he’s shaping up quite well to Putin and ISIS but the budget will take some fixing and and it’s still as difficult to connect with the new infrastructure as it is with the NBN.

Tony has been preparing for this challenge all his life through experience as a front-row forward, trainee priest, Rhodes Scholar, coach of Sydney University Third XV, surfie, cyclist, binge drinker and larrikin.

Despite an unprecedented torrent of abuse from his critics and supporters Tony is yet to be inspired to reach the same heights as PM that he enjoyed as the coach of the Third XV or wrecking Julia.

Many renowned political commentators believe Tony’s best chance of fixing the budget and stamping himself as a great prime Minister is to draw on his experience as a trainee priest and engage the power of prayer. is the home of all political satire & humour about Tony Abbott.


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